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Lexi Vom Bustos Hause


Lexi Vom Bustos HauseLexi Vom Bustos Hause

DOB 7-6-2018 Sire: Goliath Timit-Tor, Dam: Bomba Crni Dietz Lexi is people friendly but not a couch potato. She is currently working with our trainer, learning some manners. Breeders: Frank Bustos and Clara Gutierrez.


ADOPTED! DOB 2/8/19. This lovely lady is Halo, she has a natural tail. Halo is with our trainer Paul, but will need to continue obedience classes once she is adopted. She will also need a job to keep her busy.


ADOPTED! 6 year old female
Kona is a lovely laid back lady. She is a little shy but recovers quickly.
She is a very sweet and kind girl.


ADOPTED! 2 year old female.
She is new to us so we don’t have much information. She is a happy, friendly girl.


ADOPTED! - DOB 6-3-2019
Balen is a very sweet girl. She is very active, and has had no training. She, like all Rottweilers will need to go to obedience class.


ADOPTED! - 1.5 year old female
She is shy, but warms up quickly. Izzy is a very sweet girl, and has lived with older children. She will need to continue with her obedience classes, as all good dogs should.


ADOPTED! - 2 year old female
Coco is a very happy friendly girl. She would do well with a large male dog. She will need to continue her obedience classes.


Grizzly is a 15 months old
very sweet busy girl. She will need a job.
Does well with large male dogs.


DOB 5/17/17
Happy young dog, playful, loves her toys.
Will benefit from obedience training.


Mattisons Bearness of Wortenville
DOB 4/30/16
Breeder: James Trouberman
Sire: Adnan Antonious Schoenfelden
Dam: Whitney von Barton

This beautiful girl will need an experienced owner. She is big and will need obedience training. She is housebroken, happy and friendly.


Phoebe is a very sweet girl but will need some work. Does well with large male dog.


Penny is a pretty girl, found as a stray. Penny is 2 years old and will need obedience training, as all good Rottweilers should. Very people friendly.





Maggie is a young adult female. Very sweet, but will need obedience training.

Bear is a very sweet boy, housebroken and good with female dogs. He will need obedience training, like all good dogs should have. 
DOB 11-10-16
Breeder: Victoria Lynn Katchen
Registered name: Bear of Kelly’s Castle
Sire: Kolt 4 T 5
Dam: Emma von Eisenhart 11

DOB: 3-21-17 Breeder: Michael and Andjela Burns Sire: Hungarian import, Zivan Von Dre Janvari Dam: Trixie vom Haus Burns Alexis is very sweet, but has not had many life experiences. She will need a owner who will be patient with her. She will not be placed with other female dogs.


Bella von der Hutto


Shamus is a long haired adult male. He is very sweet and good with larger dogs. Shamus will need to attend obedience class. If you're interested in adopting Shamus, please fill out 
our adoption application. 
Dob: 11/15/16
Sire: Legend vom Hochklasse
Dam: Angie von der Obersten
Breeder: Felix Solyrosas

Bella is sweet, active girl, good temperament, a little obedience training, loves water.
DOB 9/22/18
Breeder: Akop Aslanyan
Sire: Jumbo Crin Vietz 
Dam: Danara vom Teufelkieger

Belle is 8 months old. She is a little shy at first  but recovers quickly. Belle has had some obedience training. She is good with other dogs.

Athena Arrunategui

Lani (Keala Noelani Kamea)


Sire: Legend vom Hochklasse 
Dam: Angie von der Obesten
Breeder: Felix Solyrosas
DOB: 1/06/2016

Athena is the larger of two sisters turned in to rescue due to owners having no time for them. Good temperament, social, needs to go to obedience training to be a good citizen. Will not be placed with her sister.
Bred by Mrs. Marjorie P. Yerkes
Sire: Dik von Haus Milsped
Dam: Wu-Tang's My Sweet Abbalene

Almost four year old spayed female, housebroken, some obedience training, has
lived with a large male dog.

Sire: Canadian Champion Rennick's Custom Design Dam: Tobant's Kelo 

PeeWee is a gorgeous medium large male, 3-1/2 years old, housedog and housebroken, basic obedience. Trusting, friendly, calm, handsome, lovely temperament.




Hera von der Alten Festung 3-19-2011 

HR 15765 RW (Croatia)
WS 46159101  (US) 

HD free A, ED free 0 
Thyroid: RO-TH777/46F-VPI 
Cardiac: RO-CA6601/46F/P-VPI 
Dentition: RO-DE803/47F-VPI 
Eyes: RO-EYE829/48F-VPI 

2013 RKNA SCRC breed show V-1 open females 
11.16.2013 Phoenix RKNA Breed Show V-3 open females 
11.16.2013 Phoenix RKNA show Passed SE, Peter Friedrich 
26.10.2013 USRC Northwest Regional Sieger Show V-5 open

Beautiful 7 year old female, very sweet, a little shy in new situations as she has lived her life
in a kennel.

Multi V-1, RKNA Ch, Y'th Siegerin
Wu-tang's Jersey  AKC WS31450502 - BH, ZtP

Sire: Astor von Junipera
Dam: Xenia von Extrem
Breeder: John Ung  
Wu-Tang Rottweilers 

Show Record

2014 RKNA Spring Sieger Show Miami, V-1 and Siegerin

2014 SFRK Breed Show V-1, Best Female 
2014 RKNA Spring Sieger show Miami, FL Jersey - ZTP under Anton Spindler 
2013 USRC National Klub Show, V-1,
Select Female 
2013 RKNA National Klub Show V-1 
2013 RKNA Phoenix breed show V-1,
Best Female 
2013 RKNA SCRC breed show V-1, Best Female 
 2010 USRC Southwest Regional Sieger Show
& BST - ADRK Judge Uwe Petermann

8 year old former show dog, Jersey is looking 
for a new home after being kenneled most of her life. Very energetic, friendly and social, loves to play ball.

Sire: Gero von der Crossener Ranch
Dam: Sascha vom Guerrero
Dob: 12/22/15
Bred by Vom Guererro Rottweilers

Rocky is an almost 2 year old male. He is at our trainer being evaluated for behavioral issues.

Bebe Arber



Sire: Legend com Hochklasse 
 Dam: Angie vom der Obersten
 Breeder: Felix Solyrosas
Dob: 1/06/2016

Sweet girl, sister of Athena. Lived in the backyard, good temperament, needs to learn some manners, of course. Will be placed separately from Athena.

Breeder: Adrienne deHaas Kennel: Vom Eschenhagen Rottweilers 
Sire: Deacon Vom Eschenhagen 
Dam: Face vom Krabbennest 

Sadie is an adult female. Sweet girl. Owners are moving. She is under medical evaluation for neurological and structural issues.

Bred by Betty Burden Vom Hognadottir Rottweilers

Sire: Multi V-rated, Russian Champion Trofin S. Berega Turi(CABIB), 5xBIS
Dam: Baura vom Hognadottir

Marcus is a handsome adult male, nice temperament, a little temporary shyness in new situations.


Munoz's Maximus


Happy, sweet natured Xena - happy, 14 month
old girl with a beautiful tail.

Bred by Jose Z. Serrano
Sire: Konnenstoltz BK's Bryer v. Dik
Dam: Summer's von Rubby
Large six year old intact male. Maximus has been an outside dog with little training. He will be available for adoption after his evaluation by our trainer.

Bodhi is a young adult longhair male rescued
last year in bad condition. Bodhi has recovered nicely and is spending a few weeks with our trainer to develop good manners.




Two Oaks Dirty Martini (Olive)
Sire:  Grand Ch., Ch. von Haustier's Anso
Dam:  Ch. Donnerberg's Yonna

Olive is a beautiful girl, a little suspicious of strangers, not good with small pets. She has had obedience training, is house trained and crate trained. Needs an experienced owner.

Stella is a six year old female. According to her guardian, who released her to rescue, Stella is
a von Ruelmann dog sired by Tough vom Hause Neubrand. She is being evaluated by our trainer.

King is a 3-year-old male bred by Brenda Creel,
and sired by a Vom Stefanhaus dog. He is a beautiful, large, athletic and fit male with obedience training. The owners lost their home due to foreclosure. He is a high energy dog,
loves his toys and to play, and is very attentive and social. This is one wonderful dog, with a
great mind, soul and body.




Breeders: Mario and Genesis Cuevas Vom
Guerrero Kennels 
Sire: Kastor vom Wilden Westen 
Dam: Bunny vom Guerrero

Precious is the niece of Bella vom Guerrero,
one of our previous rescues. She is a young
adult and obviously gorgeous! She is a busy girl, needs something to do, or she'll find it herself. She is very people friendly and would be fine living with a male.

Breeder: Faustino Rodriguez/Vom HochKlasse Rottweilers 
Sire: Osco Flash Rouse 
Dam: Alexagela vom Atzlan

Penny's dam is sister to Aria vom Aztlan, just
one of many vom Aztlan dogs to come through our rescue! Penny is a young adult, big, strong girl, happy disposition, lots of personality. Was
a house dog.

Breeder: Faustino Rodriquez/Vom HochKlasse Rottweilers 
Sire: Lakeside's Quest 
Dam: Lepa vom Hochklasse

Lucy is a sweet young female, excellent temperament.




Breeder: Kyann vom Newell Hause Hochklasse 
Bred by Ruben Rodriquez)
Sire: Gullit vom Hause Edelstein 
Dam: Queenie vom Hause Edelstein

Lovely, almost four-year-old female, good temperament,easy to handle, well cared for. Loves the pool.

Breeder: Brenda Bragia
Sire: Nemo XII
Dam: Yarais vom Guererro

Domino is a young adult, pretty girl, easy to walk, loves playing ball. She was a housedog in her former home.

Breeder: Sharlynn L. Grant / Stefanhaus Rottweilers Sire - "V-1" Select AM/CAN AM/BISS, CAN/BISS CH Z Drake Titan Vom Stefanhaus, CD, RE, TT, CS, CI(HIT) Dam - CAN CH Kingsden's Romance the Moon CD R

Megan is a beautiful female, good temperament, has had some obedience training - needs a brushup but handles nicely.




Breeder: Ben W. Amey III
Sire: Roco Jr.
Grandsire: Konnenstoltz BK'S Bryer V. Dik Granddam: Hugo vom Beni Candy
Dam: Nala Damian von der Titanic
Grandsire: Tough vom Hause Neubrand Granddam: Black Turk Diva

Duke's new home has had several of our dogs and are thrilled to start Duke on his journey to obedience, tracking and carting titles.

Breeders: Dai Leon and Kala Rexroad of Ojai, California
Sire: Dandy vom Haus Neubrand
Dam: Delia Schatzie Von Leiberhund

Ruby has had obedience training and has been well socialized with people and other dogs.
She's a super athlete and super smart. Ruby is
a high drive dog who needs an owner experienced with this type of personality. She needs a job to do to keep her out of trouble - agility, rally, carting, advanced obedience training.

Breeder: Ruben Pina
Sire: Ch. adUnkas vom Neubrand SchH/IPO III, ZTP
Dam: Wendy vom Wachberg, ScH II, ZTP, AD Both parents are HD- from Germany 

Jampy is a young adult male, social and friendly, sold to a couple in an apartment and grew up on a balcony. Happy, outgoing and very busy. New owners should be dedicated to obedience training and other related activities.




Breeder: Mario Cuevas
Sire: Unkas vom Neubrand SchH/IPO III ZTP
Dam: Zira vom Guerrero

Grumpy - he isn't - has a good temperament,
very social dog. An outside dog in his former home, big, very handsome boy. Sold as a
potential show quality dog, disqualified due to medical condition called cryporchardism, an autosomal recessive trait. Cryptorchid dogs are not candidates for breeding/showing because
the condition is heritable.

Breeder: German-bred import from Croatia by Mario Cuevas
Sire: Lewis vom Guerrero
Dam: Bea vom Scherauer Wappen

Kuna is a 7-month-old male pup with a fancy European pedigree. He has had little exposure
to the outside world, having spent his young
life in a backyard. Happy pup, very bright - will
be an excellent companion for the adopter
willing to put in the time and training.

Breeders: Maureen Wilkinson and Cynthia Campbell, Riverside, CA 
Sire: Dibor vom Rangau, SchH 1, HD-, ED- Owned by Dave Smith, Lakeside Kennels, Lake Elsinore, CA Grandmother: Intl. Ch. Nena vom Schwäger Rathaus, SchH 1 
Grandfather: Intl./DT ES Ch. Mambo von der Crossner Ranch, SchH 3, AD
Dam: Trollegen Donna v Moritzberg, OFA Good (hips), no elbow rating Owned by breeders 
Grandmother: Polly vom Moritzberg 
Grandfather: Am/Can Ch. Jeneck's Hondo  

Duke is not quite 3 years old. He was raised primarily outdoors, but was in the house at times. However, that doesn't mean he's housebroken! Has basic obedience. This is not
a dog for the first time Rottweiler owner, and must go to someone who wants to do a job
with him, such as Search and Rescue, competition sports, detection work, etc. 




Breeder: Adrienne deHaas 
Sire: Lord von Bickesheim II 
Dam: Dixi vom Eschenhagen

Crash is a 2-year-old male, very social with
people, playful, housebroken, and crate-trained. He has been handed off to several people in homes where dogs attacked him - because of those attacks, Crash has dog aggression issues that will need to be addressed with training.

Breeder: Wendy Lewellen 
Sire: Chancellor's Legend of Fame 
Dam: Champion Iron Huntress Di Chancellor

Romeo comes from a well-known show breeder
in Northern California. He is a little over a year old and quite beautiful. He was bought by a young woman who was not able to find consistent housing for herself, let alone with a dog. He is neutered, very sweet, has been a housedog, is well socialized and very friendly to all, needs some training. His date of birth is
8-21-06. Both his parents are OFA certified for hips and elbows.

Breeders: Peter Hannen & Adrienne De Haas
Sire: Lauser vom Schwaiger Wappen
Dam: Fanny von der Frankentanne, Von Eschenhagen Kennels 

Lars is is a 5-year-old neutered male with extensive obedience training. He is housebroken and crate trained. Needs an experience owner. 




Breeder: Laura J. Worsham and Brett Worsham
Sire: Champion von der Lors Obbie Won Argus
Dam: Black Star Babe of VonderLors

Ty is an 8-year-old male, a victim of the
economy. He is a wonderful dog, obedience trained and gets along with little dogs.

Breeder by Robin Eales out of Konnenstoltz's Sandor and Breena Talath EnCloee

Attila is a very handsome male, a bit insecure
and needy but very friendly. He is small - medium, well-built, very athletic, with good
toy and food drive. Attila is social with women, unsure of men.

Breeders: Cynthia Campbell and Gretchen Tank Sire: Champ Ambosz vom Haus Fritz
Dam: Stablemates Summer 

Beara really isn't as sad as she looks... she's a
very sweet girl, 3 years old, housebroken, good with kids and other dogs, and best of all--she
has a little beard! 




Breeder: Bill Chin Gwak 
Sire: Jeneck's Hank 
Dam: Jeneck's Rhonda

Axel is not quite 2 years old and a big boy. Considering the fact that Axel was not given a
lot of attention and lived in a small cement backyard, he has an amazing personality. This
dog is filled with humor, fun and games. He
tosses buckets, squeaks his toys, plays with his boomer ball and struts around amusing himself
and everyone else around him. He came to us underweight with a dead undercoat. He looked like a walking parka. He is now being free-fed
and has been brushed, bathed and blow-dried.
He loved all the grooming! He has had no obedience, is not housebroken, and tends to
be on the active side. Axel is half-brother to Riley, who was placed by us six months ago. 

Breeders: Angel and Liz Gutierrez
DKV Kennels (Georgia)
Sire: Orlando vom Hause Neubrand
Dam: Opium von Gluckstern

Diesel 3 is an almost 5-year-old male, happy dog, has had no training and was raised in a backyard. The owner is moving.

Zeus is a young male, sweet boy, enthusiastic, has been an inside/outside dog. According to former owners, Zeus was adopted - unneutered - from a rescue group in Tehachapi called Marley's Mutts. When owners could no longer keep Zeus, they contacted Marley's Mutts who refused to take him back - still unaltered, of course.



Sarah Von Ryder

Sire: Kastor vom Wilden Westen
Dam: Schatzie vom Guerrero

Watson is a handsome, young rottweiler. He is crate trained, has some manners but needs more obedience training. This dog is for the experienced rottweiler owner who is dedicated to obedience work and related activities.

Winnie is a 5-year-old female whose registered name is Da-Cars Winchester Voyager. Her sire is Ch. Luxor Vom Stefenhaus and her dam is Ch.
Da-Cars Courvoisea.

Sarah Von Ryder is a 4-1/2-year-old small,
smiling, cheery girl. Cute as a bug, friendly and healthy. She's been bred several times, and it looks to us as if she weaned puppies right
before she was given up. She was not OFA certified before being bred, even though her owner was a COE club member in 2005.

Aria Vom Aztlan

(Enzo von Ruelmann)


Breeder: Ruben Pina
Parents: Xanthos vom Wolfert Turm, VPG 3, ZTP x Zafira v Wolfert Turm, VPG 1 (since the sire is in Europe, we're guessing that the dam was bought and then shipped over pregnant).

Aria vom Aztlan Aria is a 22-month- old female, medium sized, pretty girl. Easy going and
friendly. For more information on these dogs, please go to The mother
is there, and for info on the father, you can click on the vom Wolfert Turm kennels from the
Links page.

Aria is not the only Vom Aztlan dog in our
rescue. Her nephew has joined us. Cowboy is
the offspring of Aria's sister Alexagela Vom
Aztlan and a dog named Spike Rodriquez II. She was little more than a year old when she was bred. Cowboy was turned into RRLA because of an uncertain temperament - first bite at the age of 13 months. He is now being evaluated by one of our trainers. Keep up the good work Vom Aztlan!

Breeder was notified. Sire: Ives vom Hause Neubrand II. Dam: Von Ruelmann's Jessie.

Mongo came to our facility from a client whose girlfriend was pregnant and had recently
decided there was no longer room for a rowdy, young rottweiler in the family. He has been fostered at our facility for the last 9 months in hopes of finding him an experienced handler willing to devote time and energy to Mongo's training. Although he already has had basic obedience training (sit, down,stay, heel,
come), we are continuing to work with him
and are willing to continue his training at no charge with his adoptive family for as long as is necessary if they are in the Orange County
area. The same offer to non-local adopters as long as they come to me. Mongo would do best
in a home without small dogs, cats or small children. No male dogs. For more information please contact: Cary Petersen Owner/Trainer
For a Civilized Dog Ph: (714) 612-6723

Sire: Rici OD Dargicevica
Dam: Anastacia vom Rodkman

Delilah, 2-1/2 years old, and her half-brothe
(see below) came to us with bilateral entropion. They have now had surgery and are doing great. Delilah is absolutely gorgeous, calm, affectionate medium large sized girl. She never gets upset,
is always in a good mood, just like Samson! Delilah is good with other dogs, cats and kids.




Breeder: Eckart Salquist
Parents: Jenecks Gaucho, SchH I, ZTP x Jenecks Rhonda, SchH 1, ZTP,

Riley is a 22-month-old male, small to medium in size, very beautiful. He's been handled a little
too roughly, but recovers nicely when he
realizes you're just going to love on him. Very friendly with people and other dogs. He'll do
some nice growing up here at RRLA. We're
already in love with him! To see his ratings and photos of these dogs, please go to

Bred by Vom Haus James Rottweilers

Inky is a handsome, 11-month-old male, social with people. New owner should be experienced with the breed, dedicated to obedience
training. We are processing an application for Inky, but please have a look at our other dogs
for adoption.
Breeder: Karen Roberts
Sire: Ch. Neu-rodes In Your Dreams
Grandsire: Can/Am Ch. ZDrake Titan vom Stefenhaus CD RE Granddam: Ch. Neu-rodes Savannah CD
Dam: Konnenstoltz Ava Karver Grandsire: Multi V1-rated, USRC SBYM '04 Redwood Krest's Iago SchHII, BH, AD
Granddam: Konnenstoltz Cameo

Frieda is a young adult female, very happy and active girl. Elderly owner could no longer care for her. Needs an owner dedicated to obedience training.


Haley is a sweet girl that was living in a horse trailer. She is about 3 years old and will need some obedience training. Haley 
is sweet and easy going.